Worry about surface germ control at your visitor attraction?

surface germ control at visitor attractions

There’s been a big shift in public perceptions and behaviour in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak. The ongoing worry about surface germ control is a considerable issue now. This is particularly so because people travel to visitor attractions from a myriad of locations. This raises the chances that new strains from afar are introduced. … Read more

Big problems when using an attraction app to track visitor activity

visitor tracking at attraction

It’s a great scheme. Get visitors to install your app and then ask them to setup a login. You are then able to track your visitors’ activity across your attraction. You can also exploit this personal channel access in various ways. The ultimate imperative of using visitor tracking apps is specifically to increase revenue through … Read more

7 practical reasons attraction visitors fail to install apps

attraction visitors fail to install apps

Currently, there are still many attractions that don’t offer a visitor app. If you haven’t already gone down the road of commissioning an app for your attraction, there’ll undoubtedly be things you’ll want to clarify. This is particularly the case if you’re trying to work out if an app for your attraction is appropriate and … Read more

Why you need to deploy interactive visitor information

interactive visitor information

If you’re a heritage attraction such as a museum, a significantly important function is providing guests with easily digestible visitor information. Traditionally this is achieved through labelling or signage, and it’s a vitally important aspect. Usually comprising of professionally printed boards or cards situated next to the exhibit. This information is certainly important to the … Read more

Rich, beautiful museum display ideas and design for cultural heritage

museum display designs

Having access to high fidelity source material such as video footage, photographic images and 3D scans is vital. This is particularly true when it comes to the origination of visuals for museum display ideas and designs. The visual aspect is of paramount importance to visitor enjoyment. Sharp and vibrant Mobile phones have incredibly detailed displays. … Read more

Amazing 3D heritage interpretation to make exhibits pop

3D heritage interpretation

Three dimensional modelling (3D) is complex, time-consuming and as a result can be expensive to implement. But there really are no limits creatively, if your budget allows. 3D modelling can be a valuable aid for engaging with visitors. Sometimes it’s worth going the extra mile in terms of visitor experience. But it’s important to be … Read more

Why rich cultural heritage video storytelling is important

heritage video storytelling

Video as a medium for storytelling can conjure up memorable experiences that stimulate both auditory and visual senses simultaneously. It’s a powerful ally in the communication of stories to visitors. Our heritage video storytelling creation service is here to take your project vision and bring it to life. Video filming is simple enough to generate … Read more

The value of rich creative illustration for cultural heritage

creative illustration for cultural heritage

Our team have a wide skill set when it comes to creative illustration. Today, rich imagery is an important component for a wide range of digital channels. Be it static 2D, video storytelling, or interactive 3D. High quality digital illustration has many applications and is the starting point for providing rich visual screen experiences. And … Read more