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At App Studio UX our love for cultural heritage runs especially deep. We’re committed to bringing the treasures of our historic culture to an avid audience, through the convenience of their mobile phone. Our role effectively is to repurpose information about our amazing heritage for new generations within bespoke cultural heritage apps.

Our work

Primarily we create mobile apps, augmented reality and 3D experiential solutions

In our digital era, smartphones have become extensions of ourselves. The repurposing of historical information for mobile devices is a vital step in preserving, sharing and perpetuating our collective history.

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Furthermore, we’re approaching a totally digital generation of people who think and work differently.

Providing digital gateways to younger generations, enabling them to visualise past generations through engaging digital experiences is a vital function. These younger generations will be needed to pick up the baton in the future, in order to preserve our heritage.

Paper media is no longer the solution for information transmission. Whereas digital information is sustainable, rich and undoubtedly the way forwards both now and into the future.


Nigel’s team is a pleasure to work with and did a wonderful job creating a new visitor App for Exeter Cathedral

Richard R. | Director of Marketing

The importance of being able to chat through projects is undeniably at the core of our collaborative and creative work. Don’t forget that we’re always on hand whenever you have a query. Often, conversations can ignite the creative spark that leads to an engaging solution for your heritage attraction. Our work is particularly with the creation of mobile visitor apps and augmented reality experiential solutions. Increasingly, we’re using artificial intelligence to help with image creation and video storytelling. Don’t miss reading our articles for more background information.

When engaged on a client project, it becomes our sole priority and we liaise closely with clients at every stage. This ensures the output closely follows the initial brief. We also focus on ensuring your identity and brand is represented professionally and consistently in our output.

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We provide mobile phone app development and augmented reality creation services for heritage attractions:

Unique cultural heritage apps

Our skill sets, experience and passion for heritage undoubtedly means you’ll receive a high-quality end product that will dramatically enhance your visitor offering.

Bespoke is best

The dynamics of heritage attractions are unique, generally requiring quite specific solutions in order to achieve a successful outcome. Generally speaking, this is not something that’s possible with restrictive, template type app systems.

Benign support legacy

We use proven mainstream and best-in-class software platforms in order to achieve reliable, maintenance free ownership. Ongoing hosting charges are kept particularly low for worry free ownership.


Our origins as a company go back nearly 30 years, originally starting as a print based company. Over that time we’ve produced community magazines, glossy county magazines, paperbacks, guide books, yearbooks, brochures, leaflets, etc. Soon after starting, we also began producing websites – that was in 1996 in the early days of the internet. So often back then, people would say to us about the internet – ‘it’ll never catch on!’ And look where we are now, print has declined massively, digital coming out as the winner, with mobile being the device of choice for information mass consumption.

Over the last 4 years we’ve transformed into being a totally digital provider, driven by the evolving needs of the public. And thankfully, long gone are the print orders we used to place, enabling us to be green and to reduce the environmental impact of our company. People often say to us that digital isn’t actually green. But it is when powered by renewable energy. The energy and chemical requirements, as well as the pollutants emitted from paper production are staggering, something that many people don’t even consider. Yes, paper looks clean and seems fairly innocuous, but the reality is quite different. See polluting paper.

In our time we’ve also seen the whole development of the mobile phone. From the original brick-in-a-case (both by weight and volume!) to the shrunk-down Nokia type mobile, to the finally expanded modern 6″+ smartphone. And what a device it is! Incredible really, you can play your music collection, watch films, send messages across the world in seconds, take amazing photos, sort your banking. Actually, is there anything it doesn’t do? If you have information to communicate, serving it up to mobile devices is fundamentally important.

Nigel Jones (Proprietor)