apps with interpretation boards
apps with interpretation boards

Mobile apps & interpretation BOARDS

Providing a powerful solution to supercharge information delivery to visitors. Combining mobile apps with interpretation boards is an optimal solution

apps with interpretation boards

The dynamic duo!

Interpretation boards – also known as interpretation panels, visitor information boards, interpretation signs, etc. They’re a practical and traditional solution to providing visitor information. Often they’re used for information and signposting at historic attractions, nature reserves, heritage trails and town walks, etc. Using apps with interpretation boards significantly enhances information delivery.

There’s an undeniable benefit when used in tandem. Firstly, the interpretation board provides an overview, whilst secondly, the mobile app provides extended information. This information can be for the following types of attractions: town trails, historic landmarks, ancient sites, nature trails, etc. Specifically, the interpretation board is a permanent feature that also provides the perfect site for hosting an app-opening QR code. These are added to the board (either at board creation time, or added later with a sticker) allowing visitors to easily open the accompanying mobile app.

Visitor benefits:

Once visitors have moved away from the interpretation board, there’s continuity of information.

The visitor receives much richer information, being able to dig-down into information at will.

The app can be opened by visitors at their accommodation, enabling them to preview highlights.

The app can be accessed by visitors at tourist information centre windows, even when closed.

Marketing benefits:

The attraction app can be used in marketing campaigns to whet potential visitors’ appetite.

Information is always available 24/7/365 with a simple QR code. Additionally, QR code stickers can also be placed at many tourist outlets for visitors.

The app can be made available to people browsing online, including in your website, opening directly from a link. There’s no need for visitors to make protracted searches in either Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store!

This solution of mobile apps and interpretation panels working in combination is a permanent and reliable information solution. Moreover, it’s also beneficial if you’re working at increasing sustainability for your attraction or destination. Perhaps you’re a sustainable town looking to make improvements?

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