app development for walks and wayfinding

APP DEVELOPment for walks & wayfinding

We work with a range of mapping such as Openstreetmap and Google maps. However, we often find that creating a bespoke visitor map is the only way to be able to include the detail and narration required for very specific mobile app solutions. Our app development for walks and wayfinding mapping service is unique.

Proprietary mapping not suitable?

We are able to create a very wide range of solutions for your mapping requirements, building these into web apps that are fast-loading and cross-platform compatible. They run on Apple and Android phones without requiring two OS versions.

app development for walks and wayfinding


The bespoke mapping solutions we built into web apps can be invaluable to visitor experience, particularly for walk and wayfinding maps. We digitally draw your unique map, adding animation and narration if required. Uses are as follows:

1) Within a mobile app
An interactive map built into your attraction’s app.

2) As a website plugin
We can also insert the interactive app map into your CMS website pages, in mobile and desktop formats if required.

3) Visitor centre screen
What about having your map on a large screen in you visitor centre / reception area? It can even be touch screen enabled.

4) For digital media and emailing
Simply use across digital media by sending out a single URL, providing great flexibility. See example.


Proprietary mapping leaves little room for narration en-route, we’re able to build this into your route mapping, see one of our route narration examples.


People want to be able to control their phone app to suit their rate of progress, so having interactivity is a key component for this – read more on interactivity.


The maps we create are vector-based, so small component file size and razor sharp on any resolution screen, be it mobile, tablet or large screen desktop.


Want to display to walkers something rather interesting that used to be at a certain location, but now isn’t there? AR can be used to recreate what’s missing! Incorporate this into your walk app also for added interest. Read more about augmented reality.

App development for walks and wayfinding

There are numerous considerations, particularly with relation to app development for walks and wayfinding. It can be beneficial to use GPS in combination with other technologies to deliver the best solution for visitors. It’s worth remembering that your phone can use GPS without a mobile signal – and it will know your location. But, in order to view your location on a map, it needs a mobile signal to download it. It’s advisable to call to discuss your specific requirements further. Also see heritage trail apps