mobile app development for cultural heritage
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Mobile APP DEVELOPment

The Apps and Experiences we build specifically serve two main functions: Firstly, our function is to provide visitors with mobile optimised information for their smartphone. Additionally our second function is to enhance visitor experience through interactive story-telling for mobile screens using 2D, 3D and Augmented Reality. Basically think single-use paper – we’re the digital replacement that’s richer, interactive, fun and sustainable. We undertake mobile app development for cultural heritage attractions, specialising in the tourism sector.


Our in-house design and creation service is robust, enabling tailored solutions with greater efficiency, consistency and quality control.


We undertake detailed appraisals of your attraction. Capturing and digitising your attraction’s 2D and 3D visual assets are particularly important functions.

For cultural heritage sector attractions

Ultimately, we’re here to help improve your visitor information and experience offering. Our studio services encompass a wide range of digital disciplines, predominantly geared towards the mobile screen audience. The majority of our work is of a creative nature, interpreting your story and working with your attraction’s visual assets to provide rich experiences. We’re mobile app developers, but we don’t get involved with on-site attraction devices because of the post-Covid issues surrounding germ control. Don’t forget to pick up the phone to talk, it can greatly help if you’re unsure of the possibilities!

Mobile App Development

Our app building techniques are geared towards presenting your attraction at its best, whilst respecting visitor privacy.

Video Story Creation

A story is always more enjoyable and digestible when delivered alongside rich visuals. We work with a wide range of software platforms.

Augmented Reality

Incorporating augmented reality for smartphone screens is now a key aim within our apps, it can really boost visitor satisfaction.

Creative Illustration

The illustration, design and creation services that our team provides are all in-house, enabling fine control over the finished product.

Heritage Interpretation

Deepening visitor understanding and engaging emotions are aims of interpretation, achieving improved visitor experience.

Visual & Display Design

Rich imagery is undoubtedly your attraction’s main asset. We have a full videography, photography and digital enhancement service.


Clean, short-form copy is an essential component of mobile apps, an area of expertise for App Studio UX.

3D Modelling

Sometimes nothing less that a detailed 3D model will suffice. 3D scanning, modelling and animation is one of our services.

Identity & Branding

Maintaining your brand identity throughout the project is an important function, we have many years of experience in this area.