museum app developer


A mobile app is undoubtedly a great aid to communicating your museum’s story. Wayfinding, storytelling, exhibit labelling, augmented reality and 3D – they’re all to be considered. As a museum app developer our mission is to enable visitors to engage, understand and enjoy your museum’s experience.

A new age for museum experiences

The smartphone is undoubtedly the perfect device to tell your museum’s story to the visitor. There are many new exciting and interactive ways by using mobile apps with augmented reality. It’s all there to help boost visitor satisfaction.

museum app developer


Elevate your visitor experiences to a new level. Why not allow visitors to interact with your valuable artefact in an augmented reality 3D mobile environment.


Museums are portals for time-travel. Our creative apps can help visitors to appreciate and understand your museum’s time context with interactive timelines. See example.


An interactive plan map of your site speedily helps visitors to find their way around, with important highlights displayed alongside. Contextual narration within the mapping window can be incorporated – see walk and wayfinding.


At the top of the list for many attraction is the drive for sustainability. A mobile visitor app means you can look at reducing/eradicating paper. People don’t realise that paper is heavily polluting – see this article.


Want to keep signage and labelling to a minimum, particularly in sensitive settings such as historic buildings? But want visitors to be able to access deeper information? We can create digital labelling and mini-experiences that can be opened at each important exhibit. All that’s required is reasonable wifi and/or a mobile signal. This removes the headache of installing signalling beacons across your site.

Incidentally, beacons aren’t terribly accurate. They’re fine for proximity alerting, but be aware of the inaccuracy. So, say you’re 8m from an important exhibit, beacons are inaccurate to +/- 2m.

Need a museum app developer – we’re here to help!

There are many options that we have available for museums to enhance visitor experience. If you wish to discuss your requirements further, or just wish to explore the possibilities, we’re always available at the end of a phone – just call or use the contact form below: