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Below, everything’s originated by us: copywriting, photography, layout and graphic design (excepting b&w heritage photos in Devon shippon). Our background is in content creation, see about us.

Note, pdfs below should be viewed 2 pages together.


Durham Cathedral

Probably the finest Norman church and cathedral in Britain, also housing an incredible collection of Viking hogback grave markers and ancient Christian crosses.


Devon shippon longhouse

These longhouses on Dartmoor are of international importance. Illustrations, photography and written article all created in-house on the Devon shippon (or shippen) longhouse.

spring wildflowers - nature content creation

Jewels of Spring

Visual feature on the early colours of spring, including bluebells, ransoms, Devon violets and lady’s smock.

harvest festival heritage content

Harvest Festival

Possibly our oldest annual event, harvest festival has its roots in pagan times. An article looking back at the origins of this ancient event.

pink granite coast France - tourist content

The Pink Granite Coast

Tourist content based around the promotion of France’s remarkable Pink Granite Coast. All of the photography, illustration, copywriting and design layout is ours.


Nectaring hover flies

Flag page showing autumnal activity in the garden, focussing on hover flies and the activity of ‘nectaring’.

the valiant soldier pub

The Valiant Solider

Heritage attraction at Buckfastleigh in South Devon. The British pub has a very long history. A public house that time forgot, preserved for posterity!

orchid time natural heritage content

It’s Orchid Time

June’s the time for orchids, this feature was centred on Goran Farm in East Devon.

Haccombe St. Blaise

Fascinating and remote medieval church of Haccombe St. Blaise, South Devon. Creation of article for glossy magazine publication including all photography, layout and copywriting.

oak apples - nature content

Looking at Oak Apples

It’s an odd thing altogether, an oak gall. But did you know that a small insect is responsible for this strange deformity?


Christmas markets – Bruges

A sumptuous spectacle that is the Christmas markets in Bruges. Travel content.

Branscombe countryside walk

Country walk – Branscombe

A glorious countryside walk in the depth of the East Devon countryside. Illustrated map, photography, layout, copywriting is all ours. Travel content.

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