surface germ control at visitor attractions

Worry about surface germ control at your visitor attraction?

There’s been a big shift in public perceptions and behaviour in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak. The ongoing worry about surface germ control is a considerable issue now. This is particularly so because people travel to visitor attractions from a myriad of locations. This raises the chances that new strains from afar are introduced.

The long-term health effects remain for those suffering severe cases of Covid-19. Autoimmune and multi-organ conditions present in a number of ways. Mask wearing and lockdown seems a distant memory now. But it’s true to say that we’re all more alert to the chances of infection.

Understandably, the public in general are much more aware of the possibility of picking up infections. An issue now for attractions supplying visitors on arrival with hand-held digital devices, is that of germ control. What was once acceptable to many visitors, now isn’t. Cleaning regimes are in place, but the public generally can be distrustful of this being carried out properly. Visitors undoubtedly prefer using their own mobile phones. This is why the mobile app is a brilliant way to deliver visitor information.

The difficulties that surface germ control poses are great. Much investment may have been placed in hand-held devices at attractions. These not only provide information for visitors, but also generate additional revenue for the attraction. The reality is now that many people are not prepared to touch surfaces where they can’t control the cleanliness. And there’s a reticence by the general public to take hold of these devices.

The solution to visitor devices

Do you hand visitor devices out at reception? Then there’s a simple and alternative solution that will dramatically help with surface germ control at your visitor attraction. It’s something everyone carries today – yes, the smartphone. Specifically designed to deliver information in a variety of ways to the user. Pair that with a mobile app to make the optimal solution. You may think that your responsive website (generally WordPress) will suffice. But there are limitations and compromises with mobile responsive CMS sites. They often get bogged-down trying to perform too many functions, read: Mobile App or Responsive Website: which is better?

surface germ control at attractions

People are avoiding touching surfaces

But the upshot basically is that people no longer want to touch surfaces other than ones they can control personally. And this is why the smartphone is the way now to deliver information to visitors moving around an attraction site. It allows for tighter management of surface germ control. Of course we all have to play our part in the ongoing task of preventing spread of disease. This is particularly true with all new strains of Covid on the horizon.

One of the disturbing statistics that came out of research was the adverse effect of Covid-19 on BAME populations (Public Health England). There’s much controversy surrounding the Covid lockdown and with hindsight you can understand how this happened. But places that host the public such as attractions, cannot afford to be unconcerned about the issue of germ control. There’s a duty of care to public visitors – surface germ control is another component of the already-stretched operating requirements.

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