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Important need for heritage interpretation planning is a constant

The keystone to delivering rich and engaging experiences for visitors is heritage interpretation planning. There’s always a story to tell, and what’s important is ensuring that the whole experience flows seamlessly. The ultimate goal of effective heritage interpretation planning is to facilitate visitor understanding and enjoyment. It’s a particularly important and fundamental component.

Visitor attraction heritage interpretation is recognised as having an educational function. The purpose is to reveal relationships, whilst also deepening understanding through first-hand experience. Heritage interpretation is delivered through visual and auditory streams utilising a range of media types. It’s mainly centred around the original historical assets and story which are the tangible link to the period in time being explored. It’s true to say that the visual aspect is core to impacting the visitors’ perception within our completed output.

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Working with interpretation specialists

App Studio UX work in two different ways with regard to interpretation. We either link-up with external interpretation consultants, working in unison. Alternatively, we can undertake this activity in-house, there’s no hard or fast rule. It depends entirely on the requirements of the organisation commissioning the project. If you’re an interpretation based company, do feel free to make contact to discuss projects where you think we could help. Partnering-up with a specialist can really add value to a project. To clarify, we’re not an interpretation consultancy, but we do undertake the interpretation function within the apps and AR experiences we produce.

Heritage interpretation planning objectives

Well-executed interpretation and planning is essential to every project. If you’re looking to deliver high-quality interactive information via smartphone, this is particularly the case. Also see information regarding interpretation panels and signs. Below are five important reasons why effective heritage interpretation planning is so important for visitor attractions:

The value of effective heritage interpretation:

  1. IMPROVED GUEST EXPERIENCE – inspire visitors so that they feel justified recommending your historic attraction to their friends and family.

  2. VALUE FOR MONEY – ensure your guests feel that the entrance fee represents good value by making sure that visitors enjoy their time at your venue.

  3. PROVOKE INTEREST – encourage a new and younger generation of people to become interested in our heritage and history.

  4. INCREASED DWELL TIME – raise the chances of visitors spending in your cafe and shop.

  5. OPTIMISE THE OPPORTUNITY – don’t miss the opportunity to tell your unique story at its very best.

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