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Why rich cultural heritage video storytelling is important

Video as a medium for storytelling can conjure up memorable experiences that stimulate both auditory and visual senses simultaneously. It’s a powerful ally in the communication of stories to visitors. Our heritage video storytelling creation service is here to take your project vision and bring it to life.

Video filming is simple enough to generate when a live scene occurs. For instance, perhaps you have a woman dressed in peasant garb, and she’s re-enacting a scene in a dairy, churning butter? OK, so you’ll need a lighting setup, then bring in a video rig and record footage for processing in the studio. Finally, this is all digitally composited to produce the final video. And yes, we’re referring to traditional video here. Basically where there’s footage recorded of moving visual images.

smooth running

If the final output is for mobile apps, you also have to be acutely aware of file size limitations

Digital creative video!

But what if you don’t have the ability to generate visuals in this way from real live footage? Then it becomes necessary to conjure up imagery using other means, e.g., illustration, animation, 3D, artificial intelligence. But it can get complex that’s for sure! Working out what’s reasonably possible is an important part of the process. And don’t forget if the final output is for mobile apps, you also have to be acutely aware of file size limitations. That’s if you want a smooth-running mobile visitor experience.

Heritage video storytelling for visitor centres

So, perhaps you’ve started planning a new heritage centre? The built space is always an enormous consideration, you engage architects and start exploring the possibilities. But what often gets lost in the process is the need to provide compelling, engaging information for your visitor centre guests. Something always in demand is a looping video explaining the story of the site to visitors. This video could also be incorporated into other information streams such as your website. It’s a very complex area, involving interpretation and creative artistry. Bringing all this together into a coherent video experience can be both painstaking and time-consuming. This is the type of project where we can add value.

Digital video creation

It’s best to talk to us if you have an idea of what you’d like to implement. We can scope out what’s possible within the cost / file size / time schedule.

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