museum display designs

Rich, beautiful museum display ideas and design for cultural heritage

Having access to high fidelity source material such as video footage, photographic images and 3D scans is vital. This is particularly true when it comes to the origination of visuals for museum display ideas and designs. The visual aspect is of paramount importance to visitor enjoyment.

Sharp and vibrant

Mobile phones have incredibly detailed displays. Ensuring everything’s pin sharp and vibrant is something uppermost in our minds. Equally, file size is also a consideration (and limitation) for the efficient running of mobile apps and augmented reality. Minifying digital assets for use in these applications requires us to have the highest quality source material.

museum display designs

Outreach service

Our outreach service is valuable for ensuring high fidelity. We’re able to work with your existing professionally generated content. Alternatively, we can travel out in order to generate this content when required by the project. We perform this function both across the UK, and overseas.

Ultimately, content is what we love. The better the quality of content, the better the engagement. We’re very much in a new age, where the visitors’ mobile screen is the place to be. Analysing ways to exploit this relatively small space for the benefit of visitor experience is our prime concern. We’re constantly experimenting and developing new ways to engage, particularly with augmented reality (AR). AR can provides limitless permutations for displaying information on mobile screens.

Our visual-first ethos is employed for museum display ideas and designs

Today it’s never been so important to lead interpretation through engaging imagery. Our brains work at a much faster rate of understanding when it comes to images. The devices we have in our pocket have amazing resolution, colour depth and clarity. It’s why the visual aspect of mobile screen experiences must lead the way. Accessing beautiful museum display designs is especially important for visitor engagement and satisfaction.

The dawning of a new age for museum visitor experience

If you’re a museum looking at new ways and ideas to enhance visitor experience, then it can be valuable to talk with us. Over the last few years there’s been massive improvements in technology and phone processing. This means that at an experiential level, there are more possibilities than ever to wow your visitors. In many ways we’re seeing the dawning of a new age for visitor experience, with the mobile phone being at centre stage.

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