visitor attraction branding uniformity

Why it’s important to ensure visitor attraction branding uniformity

It’s important to weave brand identity coherently across all of your marketing and experiential media. And is a requirement that’s particularly necessary in our era of multi-channel exposure. For marketing folk this is a vital function. So careful thought has to be given to exactly how your brand identity works. This is because there are so many different exposure formats to consider. There’s signage, web, mobile apps, social media, emailing – it’s can be a veritable minefield. Our team possess many years experience in this field and often help clients to refresh identity / branding. We happily work across a wide range of media to ensure visitor attraction branding uniformity.

A refresh or a total revamp?

As time passes by, attraction branding usually needs refreshing or revamping. Out-dated styles can become noticeable. Usually small changes can make a dramatic difference. What’s particularly helpful is getting someone from outside your organisation to examine your brand style. It’s often just a fresh eye that can help tremendously, spotting things that could be obvious. Because when you’re on the inside, it can be hard to see the wood-for-the-trees! We are able to provide creative illustration work in-house.

When visitor attraction branding needs reimagining

Very often an entity will have a legacy of graphics, typefaces, colour scheme and logos that have become tired. Sometimes a refresh will suffice, but very often a reimagining will be the more appropriate option. And usually this provides an opportunity to look at entity branding to accommodate wider marketing and social media channels. In terms of branding, our experience as a company goes back nearly 30 years. We’ve worked with traditional media, and as digital media has evolved, we’ve adopted and worked with it. Read more here…

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